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February 23rd, 2024

Hey does anybody know of a way of displaying mkv rips so they are easily selectable .ie iTunes..
I know you can do it the long way in KMPlayer but to be honest i can’t be arsed to do that, I just though there might be something that would do the job.

Answer #1
Im not sure I understand what you mean? you’re looking to get Itunes to recognise your mkv files?
Answer #2
I’m looking for an app that does the same thing as iTunes but for movies, I have a large collection of movies in .mkv format and was hoping to be able to play them by clicking on the artwork.
Answer #3
Any decent media player such as VLC or mplayer (or the KMPlayer you mentioned) should be able to play MKVs fine. Even Windows Media Player will play them with the correct codecs installed. iTunes is picky on the formats it supports. Try installing a codec pack and test if iTunes will play the video file in question. If it works, then great problem solved. If not, you can use Windows Media player or one of the other media players I mentioned. Those other players come with all their own codecs included, so extra codecs shouldn’t have to be installed separately for them to work.
A couple popular codec packs that include MKV:
CCCP: The Combined Community Codec Pack
K-Lite Codec Pack
Player suggestions from the official site:
I believe Windows Media Player 11 will do the whole artwork thing that you are looking for, although for movies it is a screencap from the video file. Personally I would rather have my movie player launch fast and just play the movie no matter the format than display artwork, but to each his own.
Answer #4
Thanks alot for the great help


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