looking for a convert anything to iPOD software.

June 30th, 2019

I am looking for something like convertxtodvd like software but for iPOD video.
If anyone knows of such a software let me know.
In more detail, this is what I want to be able to do.
I have a lot of .rm video and would like to be able to just drag it onto the software and have it convert

UPS problem

June 28th, 2019

Guys, i am in India. we have frequent power cuts. i use APC Back-ups RS500. My house have good powersupply system . My problem is whenever the power supply goes my system rebooted. but if i manually power off the main, it works good. please give a sugesstion.thanks
Answer #1
It sounds like the UPS is not switching in fast … Read more...

[SOLVED] Vector Aspire Activation Help

June 28th, 2019

I hope it is okay to ask this question here. I recently downloaded Vector Aspire and having been trying to activate it but having so many problems doing it so I redownloaded from a different link but it still is giving me the same errors. 1st error I get is after applying the patch, I try to update to version Read more...

Tutorials for these softwares

June 26th, 2019

Hi guys can you suggest me websites where i find online tutorials step by step for these softwares : 3ds Max – Photoshop & Adobe after effect
Answer #1
Look here…
And here for some others…
Answer #2
there’s hundreds …Google will find them …
Answer #3
there's hundreds ...Google will find them ...
Exactly, some are easier …

GPU Upgrade Advice

June 26th, 2019

Hi ! I live in India.
I have a Dell Studio XPS 7100 which bought in 2011 with a 22 inch 1920×1080 (60Hz) resolution LED monitor. I use it for playing games and watching HD movies. The other components include :
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor (3.2GHz,9MB,6C)
8GB Dual Chan DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz
1GB ATI Radeon HD 5870

Computer problem My PC freezes a lot

June 25th, 2019

Hello mates help me out with this problem

Assembled PC
Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate
I have onboard Graphics card
8 gb ddr3
1TB hard disk
Intel 3110 i3 Processor
1. Computer freezes after 1-20 mins into launch, Mouse Keyboard doesn’t work at all and I have to restart PC.
Other info:
1. the computer has no problems

Free Web Host

June 23rd, 2019

Any1 knwning ny gud host allowing rapidkill script.???a space of min. 300 mb.
Answer #1
free and with +- good speeds and maxfilesize more than 100 mb and allowing rs stuff? are you serious?
Answer #2
yup…..m serious….
Answer #3
this is the best free web host i have found
Answer #4
thnx….i’l try it out
Answer #5
Damn….m …

Firefox optimized for Mac?

June 23rd, 2019

Hey mates,
short question:
What is the best Firefox-version for Mac 10.6.2 Snow Leopard?
Thanks a lot!

Answer #1
The latest. (3.6)…

Does this support vista

June 22nd, 2019

Im going to get vista and wanted to know if it works with it? Or is there any drivers i need to download and install for it to work?

Answer #1
They have mentioned for Win 98SE/2000/ME/XP but in review you can read one guy installed in vista successfully …
@By Mr. Wayne Stock (London, UK)......
(The PC I

I’m sure this has been answered before. Compressing AVI

June 20th, 2019

I’m working with a 20 minute video and cutting clips out that range from 3 – 4 minutes however when I export them from Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 the video file comes out to a 700 MB avi (for the 3-4 min clip). Is there an easy way to compress these down so it won’t take forever to upload to Read more...

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