How to get mails from my yahoo acount directly into Outlook

October 31st, 2016

How to get mails from my yahoo acount directly into Outlook
Answer #1
some things have changed but you can still change your region to asian and have access to pop3
Answer #2
Not doable unless your willing to pay the piper,Yahoo doesn’t provide
POP3 free of charge. Best way to go would be using Gmail with IMAP along
with …

Suggest me a game

October 31st, 2016

I like Age of Empire series.
But Microsoft had stopped to develop a new version.
Can anyone suggest me a good game similar to Age of Empire?

Answer #1
Check this out
Answer #2
What you think about Civilization V ?
Is it good alternative to Age of empire?…

Windows Live Messenger Help!

October 30th, 2016

Everytime I Sign Into Windows Live Messenger I Get This..
Anyone Know How To Solve This?

Answer #1
um, where you from? (ive heard msn closed connections in various countries)
try a full re-install? (maybe some files are corrupt, most likely)
Answer #2
download the full package, and try again
Please remember that ALL links must be coded, including, Read more...

nfs : mw instal prob

October 29th, 2016

i try to install, and i get to a point where im about to install it but it says: cant install, because it needs the latest Dx drivers.
now i just updated the whole lot, graphix drivers / d9 drivers, and it still says the bloody same, HELP ?
thx in advance

Answer #1
in my opinion my friend, you …

[Solved] Hitman BloodMoney

October 27th, 2016

Can anyone help me to enable cheats in this game? I have tried the way given in cheat book but that is not working.
Answer #1
Did you update to the latest version?
If you did, its disabled I think.
Answer #2
Yeah it’s disabled in the latest version. I used to play it all the time with those mafia … Read more...

grafic design – font type

October 27th, 2016

hey guys can anyone find me a font type named Peignot?
Pls i need it!!

Answer #1
Google ‘peignot font’
Answer #2
you really should make requests in the request section.
but here’s your font.
http://~ Dead file host ~/files/67850775/Peignot_.rar
Answer #3
you should google it
Answer #4
googling it wont get him the commercial font free
Answer #5

Streaming Xbox 360 Videos from Windows XP Pro Machine

October 25th, 2016

I just downgraded my laptop from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows XP Professional. I want to know how I can stream videos from my laptop to my Xbox 360 to watch on my TV.
Is this possible? Any help is appreciated.

Answer #1
just share your files in windows media player (add file to the media library and turn … Read more...

PC won’t start (Solved)

October 24th, 2016

Hi folks,
I’ve got a desktop pc running vista. No previous issues but after being off for a couple of days it won’t run.
Starts, monitor works, fans run and the hard drive clicks a few times like it wants to run, then nothing.
I don’t get anything coming up on the screen. Tried reconnecting all plugs. Reseat all memory

I am having problems with my BB storm 9500 camera !

October 24th, 2016

hey guys I am having a problem with my 9500 to start the camera . Every time i am trying to open it , it says that i have to close other applications first and after start again . Iam doing this and still the camera is not working . BTW on the downcorner of the screen when opening the Read more...

Rapidshare remote uploading with rapidshare files?

October 23rd, 2016

I saw a thread once on how to remote upload to rapidshare using rapidshare files. Since you cant search atm, can anybody just gimme a quick tut?
Answer #1
As far as I know you cannot remote upload rapidshare files to a RS account.
Answer #2
Removed! to stop people abusing others files
Answer #3
i did it thats working……

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