[SOLVED]Team Fortress 2

June 30th, 2022

Is there anyway to add bots to Team Fortress 2 on the PS3?
Answer #1
TF2 doesn’t have bots on any platform.
Answer #2
Thank You!
Answer #3
well, you can add bots on pc…


June 30th, 2022

What mean those movie tags ?
[RS.com] [MU]

Answer #1
It means that the movie is hosted on those sites
Example [RS.com] Hancock
Means that the movie is hosted on rapidshare.
Answer #2
Moved from Forum Comments to Helpdesk.
Answer #3
It refers to the file hosting site the uploader uploaded the movie files to.
an …

what?! 7.49GB on a CD-ROM? how do i make a DUPLICATE COPY?

June 28th, 2022

its a CD-ROM
its obviously not a 8GB DVD so how does this happen??
im asking this because i want to make a COPY of this CD to another CD

Answer #1
Nursing Assistant Skills DVD is not a DVD?
Answer #2
it says “CD-ROM for windows and mac” on the dvd…errr cd?
Answer #3
You can try a dual …

printers black color prints fuzzy

June 27th, 2022

I have cleaned it, aligned it and it just wont print a vertical line straight. It seems the heads are not aligned, but I cant seem to do anything to correct it. Color prints out quite nicely.
I believe I had this problem years ago on another epson, but dont really know if I had found a solution.

Answer #1

help me to buy a laptop

June 26th, 2022

i am residing in India and have a budget of Rs.35000 or 760$ and want to buy a high performance machine.
please prescribe me some laptop models.

Answer #1
help me!!!!
Answer #2
The main question you need to answer is: What do you intend to use it for?
It’s alright to say “high performance” but what specifically would … Read more...

BLogging in Blogspot

June 25th, 2022

Hey friends, Please help me how to blog on Blogger.com, I mean please let me know the all things what a normal blog needs……
I just want to boost my blog ..i mean i need a help on SEO and lots….please help me friends….I just want to go on it….Please any blog expert help me……

Answer #1
hey isn’t …

same license two different computers

June 25th, 2022

i have a real good laptop and just bought a second computer. I might use them both at the same time on occasion. if i do that – will they discover it?
i use kaspersky internet security, nero, trojan hunter, roboform and few othes. please advise

Answer #1
kaspersky internet security, nero, trojan hunter, roboform
nothing will happen, but …

Problem with printing in Word

June 24th, 2022

I have problem when printing in Word. Word ignore left and right margins settings

http://~ Disallowed image host ~/f/e/13x/4hDxJZCH/untitled1.jpg http://~ Disallowed image host ~/f/5/ta/27lYXIm7/1/dsc00001.jpg

and this
http://~ Disallowed image host ~/f/2R/110/1dJmLDOs/untitled.jpg
http://~ Disallowed image host ~/f/2z/4w/20kjvJCg/dsc00006.jpg

whats problem

Answer #1
make sure the page settings are defined properly as in you use default paper size that is 8.5″ by 11″… Read more...

RS download speed

June 22nd, 2022

heya anyone else having dowload speed issues from rapidshare?
Answer #1
Answer #2
Everything is normal here. Are you using premium?…

Mac OS must-have apps

June 22nd, 2022

I am a new owner of a Macbook Pro and this is my first machine running Mac OS ever.
Since I am a total newbie using only Windows so far I would like to ask about some must-have software I should get. I’d like to know what kind of:
-codec pack
-mp3/video player
-office document creating/editing software

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