Help boost my Dell inspiron with core i5 2nd gen processor

February 26th, 2024

my dell inspiron fails to inspire even with a core i5 2 nd generation processor and 4GB RAM
i have installed pc boost and superram from this elite forum but no joy!
please advise

Answer #1
more info is needed, how do we know what “slow” means. slow at booting ? slow at loading files?
Answer #2
Add more memory. I installed new 8GB RAM (from 4GB) on my old Dell XPS-420 and it improved 100%.
Answer #3
need info about the slow
if it is about booting? running windows?
try disabling some unwanted startup programs..
Answer #4
it takes its own sweet time to start, chrome has 7 pages which take very long to load…. all this is comparision to my older Acer i3 first gen please…. going for the RAM @ thanks


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