DVD ISO to multiple CD-r

February 22nd, 2024

I downloaded a Sims 3 ISO and its only for DVD
I have no dvd burner, so I was wondering if there was any program I could use to span the installer to multiple CD-rs? so when it finished installing from one CD, it would say “Please insert CD2” or something like that?
Im getting the game for my Gf’s

Rapidshare Downloads

February 20th, 2024

Hey anyone knows about a way to download from rapidshare as premium or an easier and faster way to download from there? I was borrowing a friend’s premium account but for some reasons i can’t anymore… If anyone knows easy ways or a good software to download torrents at full speed of my connection i´┐Żll appreciate.
Answer #1
I could …

Can’t open files, after format…

February 19th, 2024

Guys, before formating my friends PC, I moved the needed files (pictures,mp3 etc.) on D:/ ,
but now, I can’t open them
the file names are with green, (I think they’re kinda encrypted)
Look this, maybe u’ll understand better.

Answer #1
There’s nothing you can do about it. The files are encrypted and the SID is different so you can’t … Read more...

Can Sum1 get me this essay plz

February 18th, 2024

Can Sum1 get me this essay plz

what happend at sharpeville on 21 march 1960 – massacre or self-defence?

i found it on http://www.coursework.info/Detailed/GCSE/History/Modern_World_History/USA_1941-80/What_happened_at_Sharpeville_on_21_March_1960_Massacre_or_self_defence__L62574.html
but it sayz that i need to buy it.
can sum1 get this for me plz…i reli need it plzz

Answer #1
Hey mate, Try out it…
Answer #2
thankz for your help bt i …

Best way to download to iPad?

February 18th, 2024

Hey everyone. I am seeking your suggestions on the best way to download shows directly to the iPad, without a computer. I am using an app, downloader lite and navigate to one of the streaming tv websites. The app allows me to download the episode.
Does anyone have a better solution? These websites get awful speeds, but I guess beggars

synced itunes on multiple computers

February 16th, 2024

hey guys
i was wondering if there is any way of setting up itunes on two computers, and having them identical? I’ve got a desktop and a laptop, and I would like to have both computers with identical itunes libraries.
I understand that I could stream media from one computer to the other;however, this isn’t ideal as once I leave

watercooling help

February 15th, 2024

Which is beter to use for watercooling : alcohol or distilled water. Im in a country where i cannot find the proper liquid so i have to use one of these.
please help me

Answer #1
Plain water is better I think. Alcohol acts differently. It’s more like an anti-freeze which isn’t good for liquid cooling
Answer #2
Try …

need upload + ebook help.

February 14th, 2024

I have made an e-book I want to share for free. It is in PDF format and want to know which site is the best to upload to and which will let people download it unlimited for free.
I do not plan to charge for this.

Answer #1
upload to multiupload com and thick all servers so you … Read more...

Programs for sequre cd-s

February 13th, 2024

can someone please tell me some good programs i can use to find out about the protections on cd ( like securom, sefedisk etc).
I used anti-blaxx several times but it dosent work very well, what programs do you suggest?

Answer #1
Well, normally I use Daemon Tools Pro with all emulation options turned on to bypass these type of … Read more...

Daemon Tolls, I need a substitute

February 12th, 2024

Hi I need a substitute to daemon tools, can anyone help please with some suggestions?
Thank you

Answer #1
Use magic disk http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-magicdisc-history.htm
Answer #2
Alcohol 120%
Power Iso
Answer #3
Thank you and
Answer #4
You are welcome
Answer #5
alcohol every time for me (burner or bottle)
Answer #6
Virtual CloneDrive.
It’s free and works on x64 …

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