DVD ISO to multiple CD-r

February 22nd, 2024

I downloaded a Sims 3 ISO and its only for DVD
I have no dvd burner, so I was wondering if there was any program I could use to span the installer to multiple CD-rs? so when it finished installing from one CD, it would say “Please insert CD2” or something like that?
Im getting the game for my Gf’s Birthday, and I have no way to burn it.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

Answer #1
Nope. Has to be DL DVD inorder for you to run it. Or you can download daemon tools and install of that. Works as a virtual drive and runs the iso with out no need to burn
Answer #2
she have a DVD burner ?
either of you have a USB drive to copy it to and use her PC to burn or mount it
or rar or split the ISO into CD size pieces then extract it to her PC and re-join to mount or burn
Answer #3
you might be able to try the process for DVD9 to DVD5, but DVD to CD


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