Can’t open files, after format…

February 19th, 2024

Guys, before formating my friends PC, I moved the needed files (pictures,mp3 etc.) on D:/ ,
but now, I can’t open them
the file names are with green, (I think they’re kinda encrypted)
Look this, maybe u’ll understand better.

Answer #1
There’s nothing you can do about it. The files are encrypted and the SID is different so you can’t authenticate to the files. I’m sorry but that data is lost. Only if you have the same username and I mean completely the same, including the computer name and everything and the encryption keys then there might be a chance to gain access to the files. Good luck mate ^_^
Answer #2
I think you might be a bit stuffed but I found these which may help:
How to remove file or folder encryption in Windows XP
5-Minute Security Advisor – Recovering Encrypted Data Using EFS
Good luck!
Answer #3
Is’t there ANY ANY ANY method !?
when I try to decrypt..I get this error:
Error Applying Attributes
An error occurred applying attributes to the file:
Access is denied

Is there a way, I can gain access to this….
-when i moved the folder from C:/ to D:/ , i didnt encrypt the folders (just Copy/pasted thats it ), i dont know how they became ENCRYPTED


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