Sick of WinRAR

January 23rd, 2018

everytime i download something with several parts, like a movie or something, it tells me file read error for part 1, EVERY TIME, idk what to do, i re installed and everything
Answer #1
are u using flashget?
Answer #2
no, im using rapidshare manager
Answer #3
Answer #4
it says data error, cycle redundancy check
Answer #5
Try IDM.
Answer #6
Then you have a corrupted download. You might have to reinstall Windows. I once had that happen to me, always CRC errors, and after reinstalling, all downloads started working fine.
Answer #7
run a disk check on your hard drive, you may have some corruption
Answer #8
re-install windows?!?! are you serious? omfg, that sucks
Answer #9
in case you missed it posting the same time I did
run a disk check on your hard drive, you may have some corruption
Answer #10
how do i do that? and can it fix it?
Answer #11
Check it for bad sectors with HIREN’S BOOD CD
Answer #12
you can try windows disk error checking rt click the drive and select properties/tools
if you find problems that won’t fix see ‘s reply above
Answer #13
ok, now we got another problem, how do i run the boot cd
Answer #14
You have to get to the BIOS and set the boot order to start with the CD first, then Hard disk second.
Answer #15
idk how to do all this man, screw it, i just quit altogether
Answer #16
, do you have this problem for all of the downloads or just some?
Answer #17
i figured it out, its my external HDD, will it fix it if i completely format it?
Answer #18
will it fix it if i completely format it?
it just might
if you have no data that needs to be saved off of it then do it, can’t hurt
Answer #19
im formatting right now, its gunna take about 24 hours
Answer #20
its not winrar’s fault. it has something to do with the way your files are being downloaded.
Answer #21
formatting it didnt work
Answer #22
windows key + r cmd
chkdsk /r C:\
Answer #23
not my c drive, its my e drive
Answer #24
formatting it didnt work
how did you format it ?
cycle redundancy check
cyclic redundancy check is the actual term and usually means bad blocks (physical disk corruption) or the like
find the brand of disk you have and grab the hard drive utility from it’s web site and check the disk
if it’s new enuf and shows errors you may be able to RMA it for a replacement
Answer #25
its 2 years old
Answer #26
seen some with 3 to 5 year warranties check the serial # @ the drives web site to find out
Answer #27
nope, out of waranty, DANGIT, now im out of a 500 gb hard drive
Answer #28
that sucks !
how did you format it ? you try HDD regenerator ?
Answer #29
i ran a test with western digitals official disk checker and it has bad sectors that cant be fixed
Answer #30
ouch !
that really sucks !
Answer #31
yep, so i guess im out of downloading for awhile
Answer #32
Then use the HIREN’S BOODT CD it should fix those bad sectors.
Answer #33
Answer #34
Then use the HIREN'S BOODT CD it should fix those bad sectors.
HDD regenerator MIGHT, but if the WD HD utility could not fix them the chances are slim
you have Hiren’s BootCD ?
you know how to boot from it ?
look under hard disk tools for HDD regenerator an just run it
Answer #35
i have hirens bootcd and i do not know how to boot from it
Answer #36
this being a USB drive there’s no need to boot from CD
this will start in windows
HDD Regenerator v1.71
grab that and try it
Answer #37
the patch doesnt work, only lets me run it for 6 minutes
Answer #38
you run both the patch & keygen ?
Answer #39
yeah, it works but then it freezes when im ready to start the process, and when i try to to hirens boot cd’ it started workin and it was takin forever, started it at 12 last night and it only got to 10 gb till 5 today, about an hour ago, i stopped it cuz it was rediculously slow
Answer #40
sounds like a lost cause
least you tried
Answer #41
i mean hirens boot cd was fixin it, but i dont have a month to stay away from my computer


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