Paypal question. Gonna buy something NOT in ebay

November 23rd, 2021

I saw this ad in a site pretty much like ebay.
The problem is they don’t have the option to pay in paypal. Although I talked to the seller and he said that it would be no problem.
Now I want to be sure I don’t get scammed here (even though his reputation is high).
What is the best way I could transfer him the money in order to help me solve eventual problems (in case he doesn’t send the product)?
“Buy” tab on paypal? “Transfer” ?

Answer #1
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Answer #2
what www site are you buying from? and what sort of reputation does it have? check google for scams by seller and site .. might help ease your mind if you dont find any complaints.
Answer #3
There should be a ‘Send Money’ tab, click that and get the sellers PayPal email, type it in when prompted in PayPal and just click send. But remember to send as ‘Payment for Goods’. You should be protected, PayPal usually sides with the buyer on most cases
Answer #4
i Suppose you could send an email to Paypal, asking if there is any policy regarding the issue?
Answer #5
If it doesn’t offer paypal, don’t use it.
I bought a lot of things that didn’t come from ebay. From my personal experience with paypal and whatever website that uses paypal as a payment method or whatever payment method they use. It doesn’t really matter what you use. But paypal is usually what you want since it’s secure.
If you are buying from an individual person which is what you are doing now, you are asking for some trouble. It doesn’t matter what ratings he has. You must be careful. You will just have to cross your fingers and hope that the seller will send you the product. If he doesn’t, you will have to pray that he gives you a refund. Paypal usually won’t give you a refund unless they have some personal relations with the website you are buying from or if you provide them with good information. I’ve worked with paypal for many years, there were times when they didn’t give me a refund but most times they did. Anyway usually only the seller gives you the refund. At least that’s how it was for me. Even if you use paypal, and if you don’t get what you want, you can try to file a dispute with paypal and paypal will try and help resolve the problem.
In the end, the seller usually issues the refund if he wants to keep his reputation, and not paypal because paypal didn’t sell you the product. You can’t expect paypal to give you a refund over and over because they will lose business. Sometimes paypal will give you a refund if you provide a good enough information including order history from the site where you purchase the item, tracking number, website link, email messages, even screenshots will help you. Remember that paypal is just a payment method.
If the website that you are buying from offers paypal as a payment method, you will have to check their paypal policy regarding returns, shipments, and refunds. And also check the website ratings and google the website to see if it’s a scam site. The site has to have a good reputation.
Another thing is make sure you have proper communication with the seller. Make sure he gives you an invoice or a tracking shipment number so you can track your package. If not, request a refund immediately. Never pay by check. You can pay by credit card, but again you cannot guarantee that you will get your refund especially from your bank, at least I don’t.
But whatever you do, make sure you cover your ass and log everything especially in your current situation.
Answer #6
I never buy from a site that does not have Paypal. They are the only ones with my credit card details and thats how I like to keep it. Plus I have had disputes before with non delivery etc and PayPal has always sorted it out and refunded my money
Answer #7
have him send you a invoice and tell him to put in the description what he is selling…then send the money to his paypal email…i sell alot of stuff with paypal not involving ebay..i send them a invoice through paypal…and in decription I will put what im selling…then they can pay through the invoice


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