Nero 11 Platinum & MKV burning problem

November 28th, 2021

Hi Guys,
Was wondering if anyone on the BB could help me with this?
I have been using Nero 11 platinum now from way last year and had no problems burning films to disk but recently when I try and burn .MKV files the film is all pixelated and really just ~love~ quality. This only happens with .MKV files.
Can anyone help me?

Answer #1
Never been a fan of Nero myself. Not sure why, might be because it was on computer already installed lol. Try either freemake video converter or convertxtodvd.
Answer #2
ConvertXtoDvd is pretty much the standard for authoring a DVD movie disk.
But you can use Freemake video converter.
Others are..
TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4
WinAVI All-in-One Converter
Search for them in Apps.
I didn’t think Nero was very good with .mkv or maybe you got some sort of codec conflict.
Answer #3
When I use freemake it seems a lil outta sync even tho the mkv file is perfect sync :S anyone else got any ideas?
Answer #4
what are you burning them too? a DVD-R? then use convertxtodvd. you burning to BD-R? then use MultiAVCHD
easy as that
Answer #5
Think I got it working! Thanks for the help! Any problems I will be back hahahaha!


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