Winrar sudenly changed to Arabic language

November 16th, 2023

Why has my WinRAR changed to the Arabic language?
nothing else has changed ,just WinRAR.

Answer #1
just reinstall it
Answer #2
I did reinstall, it happened again.
Answer #3
could try to delete arabic lang.
or install english version only
Answer #4
Thanks, I’ll try it again
Answer #5
it’s possible, that if you are using a cracked version, that the cracker put a “joke” virus in it.. some people have a strange sense of humor. to be safe, run a full virus scan.. also, I found this. The easy way to change Winrar into English language is not uninstall and install again. What you need to do is just remove 2 files that's all.
Go to C:\Program Files\WinRAR folder remove RarLng.dll and Winrar.lng.
If winrar change English to other language maybe is cause by windows region and language setting. Go to control panel find Region and Language -> Administrative tab -> Change system locale to English.


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