What power supply and motherboard?

November 19th, 2023

Basically im building a new PC:
i7 860
radeon HD4870
Motherboard either P6T Deluxe or Rampage Gene
1T hardrive
What kinda power supply will i need? and which motherboard is better for their repective prices??

Answer #1
You’re probably going to need a 600 watt power supply, to power all of your components. I would also go with the Rampage Gene motherboard.
Answer #2
Thank you , any other suggestions from other users? trying to get a wide scope of info
Answer #3
Power supply: Get an Antec Earthwatts 650W
Motherboard: Foxconn Bloodrage, although it goes for $399.89 where I’m from. But out of those two, the Rampage Gene.
Answer #4
Thanks for that. Is the Intel DX58SO any good as well?
Answer #5
Well, compared to the other two boards you wanted, not really. The P6T is probably one of the best motherboards for an i7 setup. I suggest if you have enough money, you should try to purchase an EVGA x58 motherboard. Do you have a budget?
Answer #6
hmm ok, umm i dont have a great budget but i can pick up most of the parts for preety cheap so ill definantly consider it, thanks for your help. What would you recommend hard drive wise? and do you reckon i will need another fan?
Answer #7
Hard drive wise, you should get a Western Digital Velociraptor, just for your OS. Get a regular Western Digital Caviar Hard drive to use as a slave drive. Depends, how many fans do you currently have? What kind of computer case do you have? Are you going to be doing some serious overclocking?
Answer #8
Well i am basically building the PC from scratch so ill need to buy a new etc, would you recommend buying a case with a fan preinstalled? overclocking wise, ill do a small amount but nothing to extreme
Answer #9
I recommend an Antec Nine Hundred and Two case. http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=NzIy
Or a Cooler Master HAF 922
But these cases are worth a fortune.
Answer #10
yeah they are quite expensive. Know anything about smaller budget cases?
Answer #11
How much are you willing to spend?
Answer #12
around $50-75 Australian, which is about $45-70 US dollars
Answer #13
Try to get an Antec 300, but since you’re going to want to use an HD 4870 you might have to go for a bigger case; such as the Cooler Master 690. Although these cases aren’t the best looking, they provide excellent airflow cooling and are at your price range.
Answer #14
ahh ok, thanks alot for your help


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