need help: recommended video converter

November 17th, 2023

hi guys i need your opinion on which video converter software is the best one.
maybe some of you have a lot of experiences using and testing this kind of software.
it’s better if you can also give the pros and cons of the video converter software that you currently use.
i’ve just installed Magic Video Converter v8.0.8.25.
the interface is user friendly. but some format like mkv and rmvb is not supported.
if possible, i would like to have a software that supports most format so i dont have to install another software.
thanks in advance guys..

Answer #1
Video Converter Ultimate
Answer #2

John_cena_65 wrote: Select all

Video Converter Ultimate
thanks.. i’ll check that out.
Answer #3
Total Video Converter
Answer #4
Total Video Converter

hehey.. thanx buddy. i’ll check this one too.