Laptop USB can perform faster if plugged into 2.0 port error

November 10th, 2023

OK so I’ve had this problem awhile now and it’s got to the point where I want it fixed, I formatted the laptop today and installed ALL the drivers yet still get the message that the 2.0 USB CAN perform faster? I’ve checked the BIOS and looked into device manager but not found anything that it could be, Any help would be appreciated.
Answer #1
You using the right chipset drivers ?
Answer #2
I downloaded them all from the acer website
This laptop is a Acer Aspire 7315 BTW
Answer #3
It might help if you’ll take some pictures from the BIOS menus. Maybe there’s something
you missed out on.
Answer #4
in device mrg, is there any “Enhanced” (meams USB2) host controller/s ?
this happen with all USB2 drives ?
Answer #5
I get that error from time to time using a flash drive. I have always just move to another port or sometimes just removed the drive and plugged it back and it worked. Can you try another port to see if you get the same error?
Answer #6
I get the error sometimes too, Most of the time it’s fine. Check the laptop has the right drivers and in bios its set to high speed
Answer #7
this happens because of loose connectivity. How old your laptop is?
I’ve seen this problem mainly in low grade/cheap mobo. This starts usually after a year or two of buying.


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