I missed the Arma 2 steam sale, should I wait for standalone

November 15th, 2023

Like the title says, I missed the sale that was on lately for -75% and it was a great price if you ask me. Although, there’s a DayZ standalone coming out (no release date) and I don’t know if I should wait for the standalone, next sale (when will that be?) or just kill the time with some other game, like Battlefield 3?
Many tell me just to wait, not buy Arma 2 and get Battlefield 3 until the standalone comes out. I need some help here. What games should I get? I got a new PC.

Answer #1
You can check by the Bohemia Interactive shop (not steam) and get the Arma 3 supporter edition, it includes Arma 3 and Alpha Access and all DLCs they’ll ever release for that and also Arma X.
So if you need loads of Arma, buy that.
Personally, I can’t stand BF3 anymore, mostly because they never fixed the key issues with it. The netcode is horrible and they refuse to change it – and thus you keep getting shot even though you’re behind a wall for a second already. (Hit detection is clientside, on the client who pulls the trigger, so the guy with the higher ping wins)
If you only wanna play DayZ, wait for the Standalone.
Answer #2
Yeah, it’s all about DayZ – I’ll wait for the standalone then and therefore get BF3, unless anything else you can suggest me.


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